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is the music-project
Frank R.
that combines different styles of music
from garage- and postpunk
to goth /desert rock and dark americana.

Lyrics, songs and instruments are only  
created by F. R.
The sound processing, the mixing and the YouTube music videos, the website,
are also
completely self-directed.

The main features of the music are borrowed from post-punk,

with its penetrating bass lines and the GaragePunk,

with its incisive riffs.

The sound is characterized by a dark, simple style, without indulging in overly complex structures.


The music videos and the website are deliberately kept in black, white and red. With this form of reduction, the music and the videos are intended to show the longing for a simpler worldview.

Black and white, life and death

as the duality of being, with the connecting element, shown in red, depending on their interaction, reduced to the essentials.​

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The Mercy X

Vocals / Bass / Guitars / Drums / Songediting /

Text / Videoediting

F. R.

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